Our crops are USDA Certified Organic.  Organic always means gmo-free, from when the first seed is sown to when the final crop is plucked from the earth!  Our approach to crop production is to capitalize on the resources which already exist on our land.  In an effort to reduce costs and mitigate the use of fossil fuels through the transport of inputs onto the farm, we produce our own compost using the bedding from our own livestock.  We graze the sheep and chickens through the future crop fields to help reduce weed pressure, improve soil structure and add extra fertilizer. We inter-plant the flowers and vegetables in alternating beds so the flowers can attract pollinators and predatory insects which can only benefit the veggies.  We seek to grow as many varieties of crops as possible and practice crop rotation to avoid any disease or pests attracted to a specific type of crop.


Before bouquets are ever brought in from the fields, flowers are an essential part of our farm!  They mark the seasons, cheer us up after long days spent caring for animals and tending to crops, and they're so important.  Flowers attract beneficial insects and in general just make vegetables happier!  We grow many varieties of ornamental and edible flowers, grains and grasses throughout the season.

We are offering flower bouquets of different sizes and price points in our farm store during the summer season which is open every Wednesday from 2pm-7pm and Saturday from 10am-7pm. 

We are also offering a 2 flower CSA options for the 2021 season:

Clyde Farm’s flower CSA gives you a bouquet a week for 10 weeks—starting in July.  We also offer a 5 bouquet every-other-week option. It is $150 for the 10-bouquet option and $80 for 5 bouquets.  You can pick up your flower share at our farm store during store hours (see above)!  

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E-mail kristen@clydefarm.com with any questions!

The selection you’ll find in your bouquet each week changes along with the season—no one week will be quite the same! You can always count on a combination of native species, rare heirlooms and classic favorites, from anemones to zinnias. Everything is grown organically, and our CSA flowers are picked the day before you receive your bouquet, ensuring at least a week of gorgeous vase life.  

Are you a business owner? We offer $300 bulk flower shares for the same 10-week CSA season beginning in July!

This includes:

-1 bountiful bouquet for a host stand or business entrance.-~100 stems of a combination of seasonal varieties in a 5-gallon bucket, enough for ~10 small bouquets.

*Please note that local delivery is only available for bulk orders in Farmington, Rochester, Dover & Somersworth. 

If you're interested in a business share, please contact Kristen directly!  kristen@clydefarm.com

Special Events

We would be honored to provide flowers for your next event! Nothing brightens up a room like fresh-cut flowers, and keeping it local means your flowers will be the freshest they can be, and will last longer than conventional flowers, which are typically shipped internationally. Choosing Clyde Farm also means you will be provided with a unique selection of flower varieties adept at growing in our New England climate!

Remember that everything is grown from organic or untreatedseed, and we don’t use any toxic chemicals to preserve our flowers after they are cut. We have quite a beautiful selection of edible flowers which makes them a great choice for decorating a cake for your next event!

Wholesale flowers available to florists:

 we are always looking for more outlets for our flowers to go!


Veggies are at the heart of all of our meals.  Eating seasonally can be challenging in this New England climate but it is oh so rewarding.  Once you've tasted a freshly plucked snap pea in early spring, a vine-ripened tomato in the heat of the summer, or a carrot that has weathered the first fall frost, it is difficult to eat any other way!  Much like the flowers, our vegetables change throughout the season!  We always strive to have as many options as possible for our customers to meet their dietary needs.  We will have products available for purchase by the pound or other varying quantities for customers to shop at their leisure during store hours (Wednesdays 2pm-7pm & Saturdays 10am-7pm) but the best way to take advantage of what we have to offer is to purchase a CSA.

2021 Vegetable CSA:

  We are offering a 15-week veggie share from late June to late September. This share is generally enough for a 4 person family.  Our CSA members gain exclusive access to the first of our products as they begin to ripen.  We rely heavily on the support of our CSA customers and want to reward you with the best of our summer's bounty! The share is valued at $26.67 per week; however, the quantity of vegetables you will receive during the height of the season will far exceed this monetary amount!  This is definitely the best deal we offer.  

The cost is $400.  We offer an installment plan of 50% down, and the remaining $200 by March 31st. 

We also offer a 1/2 share option for $250 total. This would be the same 15 weeks but the share itself will be half the size.  This is a good option for a couple.

Customers have the option to pickup their shares Wednesdays from 2-7, or Saturdays from 10-7.  

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Bulk Options:

We offer bulk discounts for those looking for large quantities of tomatoes/cucumbers/peppers etc. for canning.  Inquire within if this is something that would interest you!


We offer a limited supply of wholesale options for restaurants and food purveyors in the area looking to source certified organic, local produce.

We would be honored to grow for you this season!

please e-mail kristen@clydefarm.com with any questions!